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I thought it was about time this site deserved a boost of energy.

I thought it was about time this site deserved a boost of energy.
Since I became a staff member in January '04, my activity on the frontpage has decreased with regards to outside interests. Cast your eyes back on the News Archive, and for many months, this site was kept at the very forefront of newsposting - even rivalling that of news site-cum-movie host sweRTCW.com. We had a great contribution from many people, resulting in a frontpage to be proud of. This was something which didn't have any of the previous day's stories on the 10 listings of that day.

However, of course things aren't the same any more unfortunately. With my appointment as site admin of Crossfire, my 'interests' have taken a far more competitive & clan orientation, which I know the vast majority of the readership for this site have no interest in. I had to ask myself: 1. Do I find this interesting? and 2) Will et.com'ers find this interesting? Sadly, the answer to both has not always been a yes.

However! One of the great bastions of this site that I am truely proud of has to be the Articles & Interviews section, which, although it hasn't quite made a justification for the word 'weekly', was created from scratch by our beloved site owner & creator EasyRider, and remains to be one of the unsung great features. I don't say this because the majority of its contribution is from me, but because the whole format is a lot more professional than the average forum post, can easily be archived, and generally earns its keep as a section. When I campaiged for its creation, I had hoped more people might want to contribute from the staff, such was the reaction to the idea. Sadly, that wasn't to be. That is rather, until now!

Friend and talented / uber / keen (del. as applicable) writer Alex "Theophany" Boni has long struck me as a person of great potential, and the fact that he is a self-confessed write-a-holic helps as well. Although I approached him and the site with the idea a few weeks back, there were a few complications with the site's software and permissions, etc etc, bla bla. Now though, everything is up and running, and I have the great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Theophany as a full weekly feature admin and newswriter. If you'd like some more information, why not visit his personal website?



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