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Sunday 14 January 2007 - 20:37:15 Category: Enemy Territory Posted by  Nail 24
The mod is going to be situated on 1939-1945, with Russians.
The mod is going to be situated on 1939-1945, with Russians.

A small list of the features will be:
* Player data will be stored on a master server (saves your rank, xp, skins etc for ever)
* Drivable tanks with a new class that is specialized in driving.
* New maps.
* Lots of skins to costumize your character. (around 20 skins per team)
* Name Creation, you make a real name for your soldier (country specific) also saved on master server.
* A more realistic than ET, but not too much so it wont become boring...
* New weapons. (the russian ones and some new weapons for the axis)
* Realistic military objectives... You have a whole army out to steal gold would you? NO!
* Battle torn cities and maps. Ever notice how clean, Perfect and nice enemy territory maps look? That's going to change.
And much more...

We are looking for:

* Mappers - Able to create a complete working map and with some experience.
* Coders - Good knowledge about the ET source code
* Sound artist - Must be able to create his own sounds, not ripping from other games.
* Voice Actors - Ability to speak russian or german.
* Moddelers - Must be able to make weapons and other stuff, whould be nice if can animate models too.
* Skinner - Must be able to make skins from scrap not just re-skining
* Animators - Self explained
* Texture Artist- Needs to be able to make high quality textures.

Our weak area's at the moment are Coding, skinning, modeling and animating. If you are able to do any of these you will be taken with high priority.


If you want to join us, visit the 'Join Us' section at the forum.

A few screens: http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefront.com/screenshots/News/31355/1
[Submitted by Xskorpion]



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