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Monday 13 November 2006 - 22:38:29 Category: Enemy Territory Posted by  Nail Comments (5)
A new version of the El Kef map for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is now available.
A new version of the El Kef map for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is now available. It was required by the Australian Game Arena competition.

There have been many fixes in this version making it far more appropriate for compeition game play. Here is the full list of changes :

- removed the dynamitable wall that leads to the command post. This seemed to slow down allies to much and let axis build the CP before any allies can even get close to it. The hallways right after that wall also devides in 2 paths to weaken the
defense around the command post
- changed axis respawn time to 30 seconds instead of 25
- the room overlooking the flag courtyard has been opened up onto a balcony, giving a better offense to allies who no longer
need to jump out of the windows to get in the courtyard
- the ladder near the forward spawn flag has been enlarged and moved against the wall since many players got stuck
trying to jump down
- the constructible door defending the last objective has been removed, making the map much harder to defend
- the hallways and courtyard just after the city main gate have all been enlarged. This will greatly reduce spawn camping
abilities of axis players
- enlarged the axis last spawn door way. It was extremely narrow, only allowing 1 player to run out at a time
- removed detail in the different critical paths to reduce congestion
- FPS have been greatly improved. In some sections of the map, they are 3 times better than SW El Kef
- the allies now spawn directly under the big woodden shelter of the first courtyard. This makes them gain a couple of seconds on axis and makes it harder to spawnkill them
- fixed a couple of graphical bugs & glitches
- ammo & health racks in first courtyard have been moved over to the opposite side
- fiddled with trigger entites to make the picking up & dropping off of the objective easier. This should avoid players needing to jump on the table / truck pick up / secure the objective.

You can get more information and screenshots of the map update on Game Design Online:

And here's a direct download link to the map file:
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