Prize-based Talk-ET Cup taking signups

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Time then for an update regarding the status of this, the 2nd Talk-ET cup!

Time then for an update regarding the status of this, the 2nd Talk-ET cup!

Starting on January 23rd, the cup is planned to be a 32 clan single-elimination for 6v6. We debated whether to use double elimination, but came to the conclusion it'd run better this way. Makes the competition more interesting we like to think suprised>

The two finalists of the last cup, AngelDust and SKIT-EVIL qualify by default, with the remaining 30 spaces to be filled with clans who wish to sign up and play. Our resident self-proclaimed Northern genius vowel is in place to check the credibility of sign-ups, in order to keep drop-outs to an absolute minimum.

As for prizes:

* A 3 months free "lightning-fast" gameserver
* A 6 months free voice server

...provided by

Sign-ups are now open.

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