ETPub server 0.6.1 and ETPub Client 20051103 released!

Posted by Nail
ETPub 0.6.1 and the latest version of the etpub client have been released!

Punkbuster Update

Posted by Nail

Tuesday 11.01.2005

Version 1.167 of the PB Server for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release.

Monday 10.31.2005

Version 1.213 of the PB Client for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release.

23 - We hit Qnet, again!

Posted by foonr

Some time ago this site was affiliated with the channel #enemy-territory on quakenet, but EasyRider, our beloved site owner donated it to those who wanted the channel name.

We realise that sometimes, you need to find someone instantly, or have a question answered. That is why we've decided to start another channel, but with a different name.

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat is a means of communicating over the internet by using channels on multiple servers, and thousands of other users. Because the ET community is primarily based on a server called Quakenet, and so we too will be using it.

To connect to an IRC server you need to have an IRC client, and by far the most popular / easy to learn is mIRC (Link).
Of course, there are others such as XChat :> Once you've installed and entered your personal details, to find up type the following:

/server -m

or, alternatively, if you have your client installed hit this link.

There is always somone present 24/7, so if you need any help / want to contact us even if we don't respond just leave a private message.
By no means is this supposed to be a drive for idlers, just the simple fact that it ius a service and one that is available to you all should you need it.

Any other help can be found be reading up:


Enemy Territory Server Config Creator

Posted by meez

A new server tool, created by Flak and Kennie, is a must have for anyone wanting to run they're server efficiently. The tool, convieniantly named Enemy Territory Server Config Creator (or ETSCC for short), ranges from correctly setting the punkbuster settings to compiling a perfect ETPro configuration, just from selecting options on a GUI.

So put down notepad, and pickup Enemy Territory Server Config Creator today ;D

And now, an extract from the web readme and some screenshots!

- Simple "tabbed" style layout.
- Main settings included with detailed, easy to follow descriptions.
- Easily set up general settings and misc. options.
- LMS options.
- PunkBuster Support.
- Game Mod support (ETPro Mod support (basic)).
- Modify server voting options with simple tickboxes.
- Create + save your server config file through ETSCC.

(Click to enlarge)


The River II - REDUX

Posted by Skornogr4phy
McNite & the UBC Clan are releasing the final version of 'The River II'. The map we all have loved & played have been remade by it's creator & is now available as: The River II - REDUX (The Director's Cut).
View from the eastern hills to the bunker complex. View from the bunker roof into the yard towards the castle. Lift and Bridge area.
No more excuses: ingame command maps and voice objectives will tell the players what to do. The Tunnel Barrier near the Tram Station closes the tunnel for attacks, and its pretty hurtful barbwire too. Allies first spawn: down the left side into the Villa and through the tunnels is the best way to go.
Click to enlarge.

I asked McNite why he spend the last 6 month's (on & of), remaking a map he spend 4½ month to create in the first place. McNite replied that this is the way the map really should be. The remake has made the game play easier by adding extra hints so there's no misunderstandings about the mission. The biggest change is the adding of fog, making the snipers less useful because they have to come out of hiding. Another thing is that you can't see through the water so a swimmer with the objective is now hidden.
Get the map here ' tonight!

2006 PF hosted by JOT$ and

Posted by Nail
Hey guys JOT$ alongside with is throwing a
tournament that kicks off January 1st of 2006. Where the winner of the
tournament gets a free server for 3-6 months. To learn more information
visit and sign up ur team and have your members
sign up too.

Braundorf Developments!

Posted by foonr

There are some exciting developments circulating tonight regarding one of ET's most widely liked new custom competition maps, Braundorf.

Having just spoken to it's creator, Brevik, it seems version _b4 of the map will be released at some point tonight. This is a development following the missing tracemap in _b3, but it also aims to fix some bugs previously reported.

But that's not all. I will be conducting an exclusive interview with Brevik tonight, the results of which will be posted here the minute it's available. Another exclusive first.

Edit! The interview is up, catch it here!

(Click to Enlarge)


FalckonET Beta Officially Released!

Posted by Nail
The beta version of the long-awaited Enemy Territory mod, FalckonET, has been released.

You can visit our site at

This mod has many new features such as iron-sights, new graphical effects, drivable tanks with fully aimable turrets, added damage and speed and many more effects to add fun and realism.

Read on for download information.

Sponsorship Opportunity from

Posted by Skornogr4phy
12, a gamers community and provider of low cost game servers in a multitude of games, is offering positions for free sponsorship to Enemy Territory and Counter Strike: Source gaming clans or organizations. These organizations can benefit by being provided a 16 slot private competition server and a 20 slot voice server free of charge.
sFx Gaming is a leading provider of game servers covering different games from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Counter Strike: Source to Battlefield 2.
Partnered with Unicenter.NL, sFx Gaming provides excellent low ping servers at a low price. Visit sFx Gaming at:
Example Price: 16 Slot ET Server: Public €30 Private €20
Interested in being sponsored by sFx? Apply quickly at whilst sponsorship is available.

Battle of Wolken2: Eagles Nest B2

Posted by Skornogr4phy
The mapper Chr1s has released the latest in his series of "Wolken" maps. Wolken 2 is set in the same setting, and focuses on an Allied attack on an Axis base.

Chris Wrote:
Battle of Wolken 2: Eagles Nest
Allied forces have finally discovered the whereabouts
of the Axis air base where they have been launching
their attacks onto the over stretched Allies. It is
important that the Allied forces must knock out this
facility if they are to have any real chance of winning
the Battle of Wolken. The only real problem is that
the majority of the air base is located inside a
mountain which doesn,t seem easily impregnable.


Capture the temple from the Axis.
Construct the footbridge.
Dynamite the South entrance.
Dynamite the North entrance.
Dynamite the fuel tank at the bottom of the base.
Dynamite the radio equipment at the top of the base.


For full info and shots visit the Wolken 2 webpage


Hope you enjoy the map and i hope i can find the time to get it fully optimised for the next release.


Press Read More for some screenshots.


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