Happy New Year from!

Posted by foonr
So the end to 2005! It's definately been a good one, with plenty to look back on.

Join us in 2006 for such treats as ETQW and maybe even RtCW2, who knows? One things for certain however - will continue to be committed in bringing you all the best from the world of Wolf. Watch this space!

Have a good end to 2005, and get ready to re-equip that Thompson, 2006 is nigh!

The Entire Website Staff

Higgins's Retro Maps

Posted by foonr
I would like to tell you all, that, for a short time, you will be able to play my old maps. I am hosting 3 of my first maps I ever made.

I am doing this to show my progress. If any of you know me for a mapper, and also know my most recent maps, then you will see how far I have gone with mapping

This also give you the chance to have a little laugh at my maps, and to have some fun. You should be able to find some good trick jumps, that I dont even know about! You might even find secret areas that I did not mean to put in. You may or may not want to send me feed back on them. I can not update the maps, as I have no .maps for them any more.

If you want to check out the maps, go on over to:

Hurry up as this rotation of old maps wont be here for long.

You can leave feed back here, or e mail me at: @

celtiC interviewed, again!

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During a recent interview with me (which you can see here), newswriting legend of celtiC confided in me that he had only taken part in three interviews since he entered the Wolf scene in the early days of RTCW.

Now, only a few days on, he has once again opened up to the prying questions we interviewers like to ask.

As part of the GGL's Gamer Life series, celtiC has answered various questions from Kunochan, with some interesting responses. An extract reads:

"10. for 2006, if so in what form?

This is a huge question. We have a few people willing to take over the page and hopefully change it to a better form. But then the owner needs to hand it over first. I´m convinced the page will still go on, even if it's with a new URL or with new material on it."

You can read the full interview here

Alternatively, my in-depth chat can be seen here at


#Talk.ET Cup looking for admins!

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After running a very successful first Talk-ET cup, `Splodge and the Talk team are looking to run a second competition, which promises to be bigger, better, and more highly publicised than ever before.

However, to do that he needs some extra help. The news team roster is looking for a couple of budding writers, match admins, researchers and so on. Currently, the staff roster looks a little like this. Big-name sponsors are also being secured for a second term, with a view to host the cup Q1 2006. More details will appear here and on the Talk-ET website when they become available.

If you're interested, pop by on Quakenet and pm any op!

Talk-ET Cup Website

*UPDATE* As I write, I've been told that FPS Clanservers have secured a lucrative sponsorship deal, including 2 gameservers for the cup, and as prizes - 3 months free gameserver & 6 months free voice server. Visit the website for more!

The 2005 ET Awards on Crossfire!

Posted by foonr

So, the end of another year. And what a year its been! 2005 can be looked back on as possibly the most successful year for ET since it came into being nearly three years ago, in April of '03. And the reason for the success? Quite simply, the community. People like you who keep this game not just alive, but very much kicking. This equates to both the non-playing community, and the players themselves.

This is why we have decided to host ET awards for 2005; to look back on the year that has been and celebrate all that has been good for arguably the best year that ET has enjoyed.

The awards have been a joint initiative between resku (who deserves most of the credit), and TosspoT, two individuals committed to this community, and in thanking those who have given us all so much. All we ask now is that you take a little time over your work to consider the votes available accross 5 different categories of recognition, and reward those who deserve it. Much work and pain (yes, real pain!) went into making the articles not only look pretty, but also be extremely useful. We hope you enjoy reading them, and voting.

Vote on 2005 here!

Santas Grotto

Posted by Nail
Xenon, the ET mapper, has released his map ‘Santas Grotto’. The map is about santas sack, the axis have stolen it and have it held inside the toy factory.
Allies get the honour to jump out of the b25 for their first spawn. They can then claim a new spawn once they have blown the gates. This then allows the allies to explore the whole map, which is pretty big.
Like always, axis have to stop the allies from stealing the sack. If the allies do steal the sack and escape to the sleigh, axis must try and shoot the objective holder out of it. This can be quite fun, and a good laugh.

1. Destroy the First Gate.
2. Steal the Key to the Second Gate.
3. Open the Second gate.
4. Fix the Fusebox to the third Gate.
5. Steal Santa's Sack.
6. Get Santa's Sack to the Grotto!
7. Capture the North Pole.
8. Capture the command post near the factory for quicker support.

1. Defend the First Gate.
2. Protect the second gate key.
3. Keep Gate 2 shut.
4. Dont let them Fix the Third Gate.
5. Protect Santa's Sack.
6. DON'T let them take Santa's Sack back to Santa!
7. Don't let them capture the North Pole.
8. Capture the command post near the factory for quicker support.

Download the map here:

More info over at:

Merry Christmas

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Markos Mapping Forums

Posted by Nail
Marko, the mapper, has new mapping forums over at: Lots of
helpful people to give you help on mapping with et. Also you can track
his work, he is currently on.

Preview of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Posted by Gotenks
The January edition of Computer Gaming World contains a comprehensive preview of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, the upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter by Splash Damage (yes, the same people who made our beloved RTCW: Enemy Territory). Here are some of the highlights from the article:

  • Megatextures. Technology that will allow textures to determine how an object acts. Paint a polygon as a blade of grass, and it will sway in the wind.
  • Unique classes for each side. Obviously not as involved as TSA vs. Kharaa or Night Elves vs. Undead, but a hell of a lot better than Red vs. Blue.
  • No "gametypes." Each level will be built around objectives that each team must complete. Leave the flags at home.
  • Online only. No single player, no bots

  • Notice that it has no single player. Some people may argue that not having single player will hurt the sales of the game but if you look at all of the top games according to Gamespy's stats

    then a good multiplayer game is really what gives a game it's staying power. Who would have guessed that the most popular game today would still be Counter-Strike?!


    ET Asset Contests @

    Posted by Nail

    My site has been helping new mappers get off on the right foot for a few months now and I am ready to move it to the next stage to see what you guys can do by holding several contests !

    They will range from: Mapping/Models/prefabs/VO-sounds and more. -If you are unable to do any of the above...then why not learn questionquestion

    -I will be holding a new contest every other month & I have prizes to give away ! 1st place in this first contest gets a NEW "Nostromo n50 Speedpad" & I will deliver it to anywhere in the world ! (...not personally.)

    Read more information about all of this at my support forum:

    Good bye and Goodluck !


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