Punkbuster Problems

Posted by Nail
From Splatter Ladder:

Since the new punkbuster release 1.279 many of you have had problems connecting to several servers. The cause of this is an outdated PBNS.DAT which comes from the previous version and is not automatically updated, because one is now less than ever possible to connect to that server. Not until you have been connected the actual Punk Buster software is loaded if there is a difference between client and server. If you connect to servers which are running the last PB Update and the client is running an old version, the PBNS.DAT avoids an GUID authentification (awaiting gamestate) because of operating with outdated data for the masterserver. (new: - pbguidauth.idsoftware.com)


* 1. download pbsetup.exe from www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php
* 2. delete or rename the old pb-directory and create a new one in which you copy the downloaded file.
* 3. start pbsetup.exe, follow the instructions and download a completely new pb-software.
* 4. connect to an updated server, like this one, and you will receive a new PBNS.DAT from that server.
* 5. done!

Download-Link for pbsetup.exe: http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php

No Quarter mod released!

Posted by Nail
Download it here: http://shitstorm.org/noquarter/wiki/index.php?title=No_Quarter_Mod

Here are main mod features for those who don't know:

-Originally based on ETPub, but with lots of changes, no player/kill ratings or ATB, overall less stat based.
-New weapons, including a Shotgun, BAR, StG44, Bazooka, and MP34.
-New skills up to level 9, including Pistol Executions and Battlefield Resuscitation (CPR)
-More shrubbot commands, including !pants, !glow, searchable !showbans, and !freeze
-New ranks, totalling 19, unlike the original 11. Rank ensignia differs per team.
-Aura skills, much like RPGs, with region of effect.
-Insanity fun modes, including instant spawn, guided or homing rockets, panzer and mortar camera, and firebolt throwing.
-New player face skins
-Fun new end game awards
-Visible player leaning
-Droppable weapons and droppable clips, for ammo sharing
-Underwater oxygen bar
-ETPro style head hitboxes
-Realism options, including realistic proning and no shooting while on ladders
-Customizable landmine and airstrike smoke color, per team
-Customizable weapon scripts
-and much more..
[Submitted by JaquboSS]

ETPro 3.2.6

Posted by Nail
get it here: http://etpro.anime.net/etpro-3_2_6.zip what's new: * 2.60b support * bring client example.cfg up to date * bring server example.cfg up to date * mortis fixes for fueldump and railgun * |FF|Im2good4u ui update. Added cg_centertime and fixed menu box size * give semiadmins the same kick/mute protection as refs * Allow refs to surrender or callvote surrender even if vote is disabled * #944 - competition fueldump Tank is completely removed, first half of map is skipped. Depot side wall and depot gate are now dynamitable. * #964 - show who did team commands like pause, specinvite, readyteam * #959 - uncheatprotect cg_centertime * #967 - added 6 new crosshairs, which are variants of the orignal 0-5 that work better at small sizes * #960 - allow .config to require a particular mapscript syntax: in a (non default) map block put mapscripthash <40char sha1> if no mapscripthash is specified, any mapscript is allowed if a mapscripthash is specified, and the hash of the loaded mapscript does not match, an error message is sent to all clients, and the config is cleared. the hash of the current script is stored in the readonly server cvar b_mapscripthash, so clients or server admins can query it. * Also improved config error handling. Now all parse errors result in the config being completely cleared, and a message broadcast to connected clients. lua changes: * ps.viewangles added * s.eventParm added * ps.origin added specinvite improvements: * show spectator invite status in /players. Where /players previously showed a red X for axis or a blue L for allies, it shows the following for spectators SH shoutcaster SB invited both teams SX invited axis only SL invited allies only S not invited This could be made more verbose if people think it is too obscure. * add specuninvite command. Refs and shoutcasters may not be invited or uninvited bugfixes: * #935 - fireteam invite confused by numbers in names, breaks when using ft menu too * #936 - players may suddenly drown if they go directly from waterlevel 0 to/from 3 * #939 - etpro doesn't play the the prepare and fight sounds when unpaused * #954 - setcs rcon abuse * #948 - using a fixed MG pauses panzerfaust * #955 - some trigger_objective_info fields cannot be modified from mapscript. We now allow trigger_objective_info fields to be changed in mapscript spawn section. Some (spawnflags, customimage, score, target, track, message) must be changed in the first frame, or first 3 frames. * #949 - don't leave the player with an empty grenade launcher (weapalt bug); * #962 - revive can leave you with an empty rifle grenade launcher * #957 - weaponbank 10 crashes the client * Prevent antiwarp circumvention via pmove_fixed * #961 - Having too many counters drawn crashes the cgame * #969 - accum buffer index validation is borked. allow 10 global or local accums, and correctly print an error if the script tries to use too many. * #970 - some items in the etpro config menu first page cannot be bound. make resettimer, opentimerinput selectbuddy 6 and 7 bindable in menu. * fix scripting bug with thinktime causing thinks to get missed - http://www.splashdamage.com/index.php?name=pnPHPbb2&file=viewtopic&p=135345 * #965 - clients should no longer be able to get other client's ip * #966 - clients can force other clients to disconnect by generating a lot of commands Three server cvars were added for #966: b_floodKickRate - continuous commands/sec, default 15 b_floodKickBurst - max commands in a burst, default 20 b_floodKickTime - time to kick flooders for, default 0 The default values should keep flooders from lagging others off the server. * #xxx - Fix a bug that let you use prone to go through walls via wedging yourself and turning, with the legs *slightly* a way from the wall, but not far enough * #xxx - Prevent players from shoving players that are stuck in another player - e.g. after revive, someone's standing in them. * #xxx - Fix g_initialCamera buffer overrun * #983 - mapscript cvar commands are broken * #977 - clients show wrong warmup info if match is paused in warmup before countdown * #984 - workaround for bug in nvidia 91.xx drivers not displaying commandmap icons properly

clan pages

Posted by Nail
I will no longer be accepting clan pages for inclusion to our links pages after being inundated with virii from visiting the last one.

Jaymod 2.0.1 Released!

Posted by Z-Man
Jaymod 2.0.1 has been released to the public. There are an incredible amount of fixes, changes, and additions from version 1.4. Some of the most significant are:

- Winchester M97 Shotgun
- Poison-gas mines and grenades
- S-mines (bouncing betties)
- Fully integrated throwing knives
- Efficient file-based XPSave (binary)
- Extended mapscripts
- Level 5 skills
- Many more shrubbot commands
- Complete Macintosh support
- Updated Omni-bot support
- CPU-specific optimized server binaries

Also, we are introducing a new versioning scheme that will allow further flexibility in adding new features and maintain stable versions at the same time without conflicting with each other. Because of this, the 1.5 release has been re-numbered to the 2.0 series.

Posted by: Jaybird on August 9th, 2006 @ http://jaymod.clanfu.org/
[Submitted by Z-Man]

ETPub 0.7.1 is out!

Posted by Nail
This is the next major version upgrade for ETPub, there are many, many new features, here is an overview:

- Updated player rating models
- You can configure your server to submit your players' stats to the ETPub global stats server
- Much improved Active Team Balance (ATB)
- Private messges to players on your team only (/mt command)
- Added ability to post certain events (chat, log entries, etc...) to a web page
- Added a tactics mode (see docs for g_tactics cvar)
- Implemented an improved flood protection replacement
- Customizable ! commands
- Improved censor filter
- Added mapvoting - Players vote for the next map
- Many other bugfixes and features

Check out http://etpub.org for downloads, support, and more details!
[Submitted by PincheGab]

ET:QW at Games Convention 2006

Posted by Nail
Splash Damage will have the same 24 slot setup as Quakecon available for the public to try out at Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig Aug 24 - 27

Yep, we'll be there on the Activision stand with the same build that was used at QuakeCon for some 24 player LAN goodness. Me and Bongo will be manning the stand, along a few other forumites.


more inf on GC http://www.gc-germany.de/ausstellerinfo_e.shtml

ET: Quake Wars testers needed

Posted by unblind
Splash Damage, are looking for testers for the upcoming game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, the job description on the Splash Damage website tells us that these testers will be "responsible for the thorough testing of all aspects of our production including interface design, story, play balance, functionality, logic and entertainment value."

Unfortunately only applications from London/Kent (England) will be considered, but if you are lucky enough to live in this area the requirements for this position include:

  • Demonstrable experience playing multiplayer team-based first person shooter games (in online gaming clans).
  • Methodical approach to finding and reporting problems/bugs
  • Ability to give positive as well as negative feedback
  • Firm grasp of testing basics, including how to locate, identify and reproduce bugs, how to properly write a bug report and enter it into a bug database

Those interested can read the entire description here

Quake Wars

Posted by Nail
According to Paul "Locki" Wedgwood

"Following E3, Splash Damage and id spent weeks reviewing the status of Enemy Territory. 2006 has been a great year for us, with incredible response from the press and the community. It's also been a challenging year, as the team here has given extraordinary effort towards completing the game this year. Unfortunately, sometimes effort isn't all you need -- sometimes you just need more time. To ensure the quality we want, we've decided to push the release out of 2006 to allow for extended testing, feedback and game balancing."

more info here:

QuakeCon 2006

Posted by Nail

know you all have been waiting to find out about QuakeCon 2006, and we want to thank you for your patience. We’ve had some unexpected issues locking in the dates and location, but don’t worry, we’re still bringing you another kick-ass QuakeCon event, and it’s already right around the corner - August 3 – 6 in Dallas, TX at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in their Trinity Exhibition Center.

With about 1,800 BYOC spots, QuakeCon 2006 will be a bit more exclusive than it has been the last couple of years, but we hope people will enjoy the more personal touch this year. QuakeCon 2006 will of course include all the great activities that it’s known for, including high-stakes tournaments, workshops, exhibitors, the BYOC Area, parties, and the public’s first chance to play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

= QuakeCon



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